Medpoint Mini Band Loop Set


Perfect rubber band loop set for rehabilitation after injury and operation. Is also perfect for preventing injuries by performing different exercises.

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This 5 piece set of exercise rubber band loops will help you to train small and large muscle groups. It is often used for rehabilitation training after injury and operation. Lots of athletes also use these to prevent injuries by making different exercises for weaker muscle groups. 5 different resistance band loops will let you choose the right hardness for each exercise.

These rubber band loops are made of quality latex and are perfect for training camp and for light weight training. Each color stands for different resistance.

This set includes 5 pieces mini rubber bands with different resistance.

Half length 24cm
Width 5cm

Resistance strengths:
Yellow 2,2-4,5kg
Red 4,5-6,8kg
Blue 6,8-9kg
Green 9-11,33kg
Black 11-13,6kg