Medpoint Long Band Loop Set


5 piece large training rubber set for warm up routine, rehabilitation exercises or weight training when gym is not near.

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If you watched London Word Championships this year then you saw Mo Farah doing warm up routine using rubber band. This 5 piece set of training rubber band loops will help you to train small and large muscle groups. It is often used in warm up, for rehabilitation after injury or operation and for weight training. These bands are quite long and are meant to help you make exercises and train different muscle groups when gym is not near. These can be attached to anything you can wrap around. 5 different resistance band loops will let you choose the right hardness for each exercise. You can even use these in warm up.

These rubber band loops are made of quality latex and are perfect for training camp and for weight training. Each color stands for different resistance.

This set includes 5 pieces of rubber bands with different resistance.

Half length 104cm

Resistance strength:
Yellow 2-7kg
Red 9-16kg
Black 14-23kg
Purple 18-36kg
Green 22-54kg


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