BODYFOOD Maraton 700g


Bodyfood food supplements are made in Estonia and from natural ingredients. It is meant for athletes, sports enthusiasts and vegetarians.



Maraton (Marathon) is meant for use under big load for endurance athletes.

It is great energy source before and after training or during training. It will increase the speed of muscle growth and recovery time, preserves normal digestion processes, boosts lactic acid bacteria growth and absorption. It will also support optimal liver work, decrease cholesterol level, stabilize blood sugar level. It is made from rye, buckwheat, maltodextrine, walnuts, cocoa, sunflower seeds, creatine, hemp fluor, carrot, beetroot, MSM, blackcurrant, birch polypore powder, Chorella, elk hemp and chokeberry. Therefor it includes vitamine -A, -C-, -D, -E and group -B vitamins, amino acids (21), minerals, potassium, magnesium, fosfor, copper, zinc, iron, selenium, omega -3, -6 and -9 acids.

Mix 2 tablespoon with 300ml kefir, yoghurt, smoothie or curd creme and let it set for 5 to 30 minutes for best taste and use (depending from the need) 1-4 times a day.

Made in Estonia!

Contains  Portion
Energy (kcal) 384,5
Proteins (g) 11,4
Carbs (g) 53,2
Fat (g) 10,1
Fibers (g) 9,1
Salt (g) 0,0


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